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And the Danes are all happy? Tell it to those who skrimp and save, constantly have to search out bargains, and despair every month when they do their personal bookkeeping. You make the same mistake, as many of the fellow Americans in here, that you assume something, without backing it with fact and to make it fit into your own perception of the world and Denmark. Fact is, that the income tax levels lie right in the middle of the tree of the OECD countries.

Google it, and you will find it I am not your secretary — or even better learn Danish, open some serious Danish Newspapers, open some books — and learn. You also make the mistake to draw parallels to countries with a completely different system like for instance the UK, assuming that oh income tax…then that is the tax is it not that people pay? Well no. In the UK I live there , yes you pay income tax and no it is not 20 percent, but higher. Besides your income tax, you pay council tax, a garbage tax, water tax, bedroom tax and so on and so on. That states the absolutely maximum, yet no one.

Not even one single individual pays that. Because you have personal deductions, if you have mortgages, travel X km to work etc etc. Well I must say what a statement since you know what every Dane think. Well again, fact show that the Scandinavian tax system, produce a dynamic one, that makes tax the most efficient and also contributes to economic growth.

All the Wrong Moves (Fab Life, book 2) by Nikki Carter

Research upon research have stated this for decades and your remark is simply a bit silly. The same goes with the quality of the healthcare system, that is in the very top and to compare it with the NHS is just hilarious. You simply do not know what you are talking about. Well first, Denmark is the most income equal country in the world and since you mention the UK over and over, I can enlighten you with that the UK is the fourth most unequal.

So let me give you an advice. It is fine you have your opinion. But it is an opinion, not backed by fact and you ignore things in order to to make it shape into your world. You are not really well informed, so sorry to break reality into you. All types of systems, countries etc. Not all Americans like it in Scandinavia — sure. But many do. So it is up to you, how you are as a person and not.

All The Wrong Moves - One Republic Parody (Stupid Mario Brothers)

Scandinavia just have another, quite unique system and society. The Scandinavian system is not perfect and have it faults, yet I would choose the system over any other. Its a caring, compassionate, including, homogenic and let me again be so naughty by bringing in some more facts for you. Denmark is the place where it is the easiest to climb the social latter. Not the American dream or some other rubbish.

It is in Denmark, which also by the way is the country where it is the best country invest in and create a business.

Kiki Swinson

I can go on and on. So this entire blog, is maybe a safe haven for the ones who apparently did not like Scandinavia and also bare a grudge. Fine with that. Yet this untrue crab is basically too much and is just an embarrassment again to your fellow Americans and the US as such. I am learning Danish. I read a lot about Denmark. My experience of how much worse off I am financially in Denmark is absolutely true for me, in cold hard figures.

You can cite any statistics you like in defence of the Danish delusion. I know quite a few hard-up Danes. Perhaps this is due to being hard up myself, skat-raped as I now am, as well as old. Many refugees I meet in Denmark want to head for the UK for many reasons, which is surely relevant here. Everyone in the UK gets free prescriptions at 60, not as in Denmark at 65, and there are also travel concessions and winter fuel allowances in the UK. You are badly misinformed, naive about statistics, and by the way extremely rude and patronising.

And why do you live in the UK if Denmark is so fantastic? This is just puerile nationalism. It seems like you, as others on this site, tends to use your own personal experiences and lack of success as a parameter for Denmark as a country, society and as a nation. I have seen this many times this assumption, that your own situation is symptomatic for all in the country and certainly for all prospective immigrants.

If you are a Sicilian male with deep rooted gender structuralism that stands in contrast with the more Nordic way of thinking equality among sexes, then maybe Scandinavia is not the place, nor if your political views — for instance — from a UK perspective being right wing.

Then Scandinavia is probably not the best place to be. When you then first say, people in Denmark are ignorant and thus claim, well you can pour as many statistics as you want you will just ignore it.


Well that kind of says it all does it not? What you are seeing is ghosts, and what you praise is false.

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On top of that you claim the truth. It is utterly pathetic.

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And why UK? For that my tuition fee is paid and get a grant each month. Can some English guy, do the same? For someone doing a Masters you are astoundingly biased, drunk on statistics, and ad hominem in your way of arguing. I am not, by the way, a failure at all, but a successful, retired academic on a sadly low pension that the Skat authority takes almost half of, indifferent to my personal circumstances.

I am not at all right wing, I have always voted Labour in the UK and I think UK taxes need to go up a bit and university fees be abolished at least for first degrees. Massive welfare subsidies, ah yes, like those received by Robert Nielsen for 25 years, is it, as I read in the Danish newspapers?

I do understand that you feel upset, since I revealed that your hatred to the Scandinavians and Scandinavia as such, has more to do with your bitterness and your political views. However, your constant rhetoric about statistics and ignorance by it, are simply just unworthy of you and somewhat tiresome. When it comes to your pension — and do not know your details — but you do realise it actually is individual? That you get certain additions based on your personal details? Robert Nielsen is an just an example of a twat.

There will always be some idiots around trying to suck on the system. Those you will find all over and in every social layer. But the good Robert is no excuse to then abolish a system that benefits thousands upon thousands and that have worked for decades.

Critics usually throw the jante-law, yet the very same thing is said to be the very essence of that Scandinavia has, are and also in the future will be one of the most prosperous and wealthy areas in the World. You can have your opinions on the Danish welfare system, being to generous, too naive, be to open for idiots like the good Robert and maybe being too homogenic. Maybe it actually is because Scandinavians are… homogenic. I just stop you when what you are writing are simply not true or that you simply misunderstand how the Scandinavian system works.

Oh dear.

All the Wrong Moves

To anyone else out there reading this sad spectacle — sorry we seem to have become two typical know-it-all, bigoted male twats. Make up your own mind about Denmark, of course. Be born here and you might like it, but think twice about ever moving here later in life. Hello, I am a brown man a pure mutt to be exact. I love their — how best to say it — their quiet adoration of the simple.