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A TSA "officer" chases down a woman with an Afro to humiliate her, uh, make sure there was no bomb in her hair. Todd Venezia reports for the New York Post:. Isis Brantley said she had already been screened at Hartsfield-Jackson International Air-port in Atlanta and left the security area Monday, when a TSA guard chased after her and demanded to inspect her locks. Your hair is such a personal part of your body. It's a part of you that strangers do not touch, but a lover will.

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A stranger working for the government, searching you with zero suspicion that you're a criminal, has no right to touch your hair. It is an act of abuse if they do. I am still disgusted that an agent in New Orleans patted mine down -- my hair that was pulled back into a very tight ponytail. Forget the ridiculousness of anyone hiding a meaningful quantity of explosive in their hair -- even in their Afro-styled hair -- was I hiding a bomb in a follicle?

Again, remember, these are not security measures but "security" measures, and they have no stopped a single terrorist, but they have primed many Americans to give up their rights and their privacy with ease.

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Don't go quietly. The choir and band member says the judge went on to ask who had done certain other drugs and then he got to drinking,.

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Judge Standley released a statement, saying in part, "I believed the only way to make my point that drinking, drugs, and driving are a lethal combination was to be as open, honest and brutally frank as I could possibly be. My remarks were designed to inform and to educate and not to offend anyone in attendance. Too Much Law What isn't illegal these days? We have far too much government, far too many laws. A couple in Orange County has been fined for doing what so many people do every week -- have groups that meet in private homes.

These groups are foreign language conversation groups, book clubs, writing groups, etc.

Preliminary schistosomiasis survey in the lower Volta River below Akosombo Dam, Ghana.

This particular group was a Bible study group. That type of meeting would require a conditional use permit as defined by the city, according to Pacific Justice Institute PJI , the couple's legal representation. And we enjoy studying God's word. You Pay. You Pay Almost As Much. Via radleybalko, the Massachusetts Supreme Court just approved charging innocent people who contest their tickets. From thenewspaper. Sullivan argued that motorists were being forced to pay "fees" not assessed on other types of violations, including drug possession.

He argued this was a violation of the Constitution's Equal Protection clause, but the high court justices found this to be reasonable. Gants wrote for the court. The court insisted that allowing a hearing before a clerk-magistrate instead of an assistant clerk, as well as allowing a de novo hearing before a judge constituted benefits that justified the cost. Although Sullivan raised the issue of due process during oral argument, the court would not rule on the merits of that issue.

Does anybody notice the pattern, day after day after day, of how "citizen" is starting to seem somewhat synonymous with words like "mark," "victim," and "cash cow"?

Bullied Boy Kills Himself Here's the tape he made before he died. Tragically, the title references a program Dan Savage started to help prevent terrible situations like this one. The story from the HuffPo :. His parents, Tracy and Tim Rodemeyer, say that Jamey faced bullies for years, though things intensified in middle school, according to NBC 2.

Jamey recently became a freshman at Williamsville North High School. In the wake of their loss, the Rodemeyers hope to carry on a message of anti-bullying and acceptance. No problem," referring to how the IRS last year paid out billions in refundable tax credits to illegal alien workers, according to a new Treasury audit:. Even wages earned illegally in the U. In response to the report, IRS officials said they would follow one of its recommendations to meet with Treasury officials to determine whether people unauthorized to work in the U.

But the IRS rebuffed the audit's second recommendation that it collect additional documentation from people claiming the ACTC, arguing that the agency lacks the legal authority to challenge such tax returns. If the law were changed, the IRS would change its programs accordingly. New London. Jeff Benedict writes in the Hartford Courant :.

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Afterward, Susette and I were talking in a small circle of people when we were approached by Justice Richard N. Tall and imposing, he is one of the four justices who voted with the majority against Susette and her neighbors. Facing me, he said: "Had I known all of what you just told us, I would have voted differently. I was speechless. So was Susette. One more vote in her favor by the Connecticut Supreme Court would have changed history. The case probably would not have advanced to the U.

Supreme Court, and Susette and her neighbors might still be in their homes. Then Justice Palmer turned to Susette, took her hand and offered a heartfelt apology. Tears trickled down her red cheeks. It was the first time in the year saga that anyone had uttered the words "I'm sorry.

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Commenter recordat, on the Courant's site, summed up well stumbling a little in trying to get to "acknowledged" :. This is one little and extremely unpleasant, violating, and upsetting incident that happened to me. But, the big picture is one of our rights being eroded and of people shrugging their shoulders as it's happening. I couldn't even finish discussing it with a woman who writes at the cafe I do. She didn't think it was a big deal that an agent was groping her hair. I asked her if there was evidence that she was an al Qaeda operative. She reiterated that being searched was really no big deal, blah blah blah.

But, it is. Every right that is yanked away from us makes it that much easier to yank others' rights and more of our own. The decision in Kelo makes it that much easier for some municipality or some big business to take your home or business from you, and with nothing you can do about it but start packing the moving boxes. Stupid President Tricks President Obama's "soak the rich" scheme sounds good to his base, but it's anything but good for the country, writes Daniel J.

Mitchell on Cato:. This sounds like a pretty good scam, at least if you're a vote-buying politician, but there is one little detail that sometimes gets forgotten. Raising the tax burden is not the same as raising revenue. That may not matter if you're trying to win an election by stoking resentment with the politics of hate and envy. But it is a problem if you actually want to collect more money to finance a growing welfare state. Unfortunately at least from the perspective of the class-warfare crowd , the rich are not some sort of helpless pinata that can be pilfered at will.

This means that they -- unlike me and presumably you -- have tremendous ability to control the timing, level, and composition of their income. Indeed, here are two completely legal and very easy things that rich people already do to minimize their taxes - but will do much more frequently if they are targeted for more punitive tax treatment. They will shift their investments to stocks that are perceived to appreciate in value.

This means they can reduce their exposure to the double tax on dividends and postpone indefinitely taxes on capital gains.

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They get wealthier and the IRS collects less revenue. They will shift their investments to municipal bonds, which are exempt from federal tax. They probably won't risk their money on debt from basket-case states such as California and Illinois the Greece and Portugal of America , but there are many well-run states that issue bonds. The rich will get steady income and, while the return won't be very high, they don't have to give one penny of their interest payments to the IRS. Mitchell urges us to " check out this data , straight from the IRS website, showing how those evil rich people paid much more to the IRS after Reagan cut their tax rate from 70 percent to 28 percent in the s.

This seems to be happening again and again -- to writers at The New York Times. Brooks writes:.