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Top 50 Most Important Events in Criminal Justice History

On Sept. Rex Warren Mays, who lived next door to Jeremy Garza and Kristin Wiley, had been fired from his job earlier that same day. One-and-a-half years later, Mays confessed to killing Kristin and Kynara, confirming investigators' suspicions. As Mays related in his voluntary statement to the police, he left his workplace on July 20, , at about p. When he was certain they were dead, Mays crawled out of the house through a window leading to the backyard, and was about to climb over the privacy fence when he remembered that he left his car parked down the street.

Mays re-entered the Wiley house through the same window, and walked out through the front door. Upon reaching his car, Mays placed the murder weapon and his bloody shirt in a duffle bag that he kept in his car. He then drove home, parked his car in his garage, told his wife that he had been fired, and showered to wash away the blood that had splattered onto his legs. Shortly thereafter, when emergency personnel appeared on the scene, Mays observed the commotion, allowed the victim's mother to use his telephone, and invited several law enforcement officers into his house for refreshments.

The next day, he washed his bloody clothes, threw the knife into a nearby ravine, and placed the duffle bag in the garbage. Crime scene investigators also found blood on the privacy fence that separated Mays' backyard from the Wiley's. He pleaded "not guilty. Consequently, on Sept.

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In February , the Texas Court of Criminal Appeals abated Mays' appeal and remanded the case to the trial court for factual findings and conclusions of law regarding the admissibility of Mays' written confession. After the trial court filed its findings of fact and conclusions of law on that issue, the Court of Criminal Appeals affirmed Mays' conviction and sentence in an unpublished opinion.

That the Church is herself a coercive authority would increasingly be talked down or just ignored - at least outside the discipline of canon law itself, in which the coercive regulation of the faithful by the Church is of course the very object of study. The problem of religious liberty could from now on be taken as a problem primarily about reaffirming the limits to the authority of the state in matters religious. It was inevitable that sooner or later what in fact are broadly traditional limits to native state authority in religious matters - how traditional they are we have seen from the Jesuit theology of the counter-reformation - would indeed be reaffirmed, but in the convenient and attractive new packaging of the language of a liberal conception of the state.

And indeed, though Dignitatis humanae was very carefully formulated to be consistent with past tradition, it was also bound to happen that the declaration would be misinterpreted, and a liberal conception of the state should, thanks to this misreading, infect conceptions of the Church and her authority too, and in a way disconnected from canonical reality. The political would annexe the ecclesial. But the political case does not exhaust the subject, as the dogmatic teaching of Trent has shown.

And deep theological principles are at stake. Although the language of Vatican II's declaration is often that of secular liberalism, when integrated into tradition the fundamental structure really is quite different. Faith is free from coercion by the state not because of some secular doctrine of simple respect for persons owed equally by all authorities, but because, as Dignitatis humanae itself states, our metaphysical freedom is oriented toward an end that transcends nature, an end to which the baptized are directed through law imposed on them by the authority of the Church.

And this being the true basis of limitations to state authority over religion, there is no reason why the authority of the Church should be limited in exactly the same way.

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Religious liberty is a topic which we shall only fully understand once we extract ourselves from the perspective of our immediate political context, and reintegrate Vatican II and its decrees into the teaching of the magisterium as a whole and into a richer view of the theological tradition. And so I have tried here to begin to do. I should say that the above is the result of a very rapid bit of research and skimming rather than reading, so it should be taken for no more than that. But my instant conclusion is that there are those who maintain that the Church always had, and continues to have, the right to coerce baptized individuals though by what mechanism it would be done today I have no idea.

The Solicitor General in Historical Context

Beyond the issue of St. Thomas More and the persecution of heretics, how can a man be called "fussily pious" and "stiff-necked" who expresses the hope that he and his judges will meet merrily in Heaven?

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Nobody is less swayed by public opinion, and yet nobody is closer to the feelings of ordinary men. Posted by: Stephanie A. Mann May 31, PM. It still baffles me that people find Wolf Hall a worthwhile read. It's easy enough to understand why it won the Booker - it bows to the myth of progress and presents Cromwell as a modern, middle class liberal type living in an exaggerated version of history palpable to middle class liberal types who like to flatter themselves by throwing awards at those who think like them.

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The Solicitor General in Historical Context

Minos May 31, PM. For someone not believing that Thomas More was not fond of torture, you go through a lot of trouble explaining that he was just as intolerant of other religion as most men of his time. SO you want to drag him through the mud before clearing his name? Posted by: myrentstoohigh Jun 2, AM. Posted by: Richard Jul 26, AM. The combined speaking-time tally via the Boston Globe. This was no a spontaneous attack—Harris had clearly planned the ambush, and it worked.

Biden was defensive.


I do not praise racists. What was to come was even shakier. Harris was unimpressed.

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Harris could still have been bused to schools in Berkeley, he said, because the local government had made that choice. This is a thin defense, as Biden must have known. Sessions, Jeff Trump campaign.

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