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On the same day. Now we know who owns what. Ever since the takeover, TV2 became a basket case of subservient incompetence and spineless propaganda.

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Its journalists left, some emigrated or drive buses instead, and they were hastily replaced by non-journalists and loyalists. We have recently learned that Soros wants us to eat bugs — after elaboration it turned out he is going to achieve his evil plan by surprise settling millions of Africans and Middle Eastern people in Hungary, who eat insects and such.

Someone also specified that the hordes of lesser humans would be housed in military barracks — if not your own bathtub.

As Orbán rises, Hungary's free press falls

As of the local media , the situation is similarly dire. And not just in editorial content. Advertising spending by the government is part of the problem. State and state-dependent advertisers only ever buy advertising space in pro-government media, and many private companies have followed suit , helping to fuel the expansion of pro-Fidesz media. If you fall out with the government, not only do you use their hate-mongering but well-paying adverts — even private players will stop advertising on your pages. State advertising continues to distort the market by, among other things, keeping afloat pro-government outlets that would otherwise not be able to operate.

The rest comes from private or not-so-private entities, or genuinely private companies that just happen to know how to spend to please the regime. The station filed an official complaint with the European Commission, and the government eventually backed down and replaced the progressive tax with a flat tax of 5. The real damage of the media law is not censorship directly or indirectly.

It is the NMHH and the Media Council allowing oligarchs to attain near-monopolies — while stopping foreign or independent owners from buying stakes or expanding.

Media of Hungary - Wikipedia

The F reedom House press freedom index has also noted the decreasing levels of foreign investment in newspapers and other news outlets. It has used political influence to allocate digital, terrestrial, and cable frequencies on the basis of political criteria, and offers financial support to pro-government media through advertising contracts, while squeezing critical media out of the market.

When the owner of its competitor, crony-owned and thus government-controlled TV2 announced its intention to buy the publisher of a major tabloid paper among other titles , NMHH greenlighted the deal in record eight days in simplified procedure, without explanation. When pushed the NMHH claimed that every county was treated separately — not sure how that was supposed to make the dominance of Mediaworks less pronounced.

Hungarian experts: new media law part of 'democratura'

Delayed paychecks and and ever-shrinking pool of positions send the chill through the spine of the profession. The independent read: non-Fidesz part of the media is shrinking and feels the pressure. Today, he is selling sausages in a parking lot. Since the takeover of Mediaworks, the parent group of all regional papers, he is selling sausages in a parking lot.

Photo: szabadpecs. No censorship there — defenders of the government will be quick to point out. Even though they would really like these outlets to stop existing. Autocrats have new, and less obvious tools at their disposal these days.

One Hungarian media monster to rule them all

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What does Hungary's crackdown on free media mean for the rest of the world?

Pingback: 5 Minutes for the Opposition Meanwhile in Budapest. You are commenting using your WordPress. Four EU members including Hungary remain to be convinced, however. Even though the previous quarters saw a decline in the value of newly started construction works in Hungary, in Q2 the sector showed some bettering, according to the latest EBI Construction Activity Report.

Hungarian drugmaker Gedeon Richter announced that it has launched Terrosa in Europe, its biosimilar teriparatide used to treat osteoporosis, according to a press release sent to the Budapest Business Journal. The rate was over the 4. Welcome back,! Forget password? Enter your e-mail address below to reset your password. Activation needed Please activate your registration by clicking the link in the activation email or click submit to resend the activation email. Activation email was successfully sent Check your mailbox to activate your registration. Please check your spam folder too.

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