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I have been endeavoring to live my life passionately for the past year and I am amazed time and again how one's attitude can change a situation entirely. We make the choice.

I am so happy you had this French experience and how wonderful for your daughter to have a Mom to instill such a marvelous outlook on life. The perfect ending to this wonderful list. I am so thrilled a book is comiing. You have a real gift with the words you choose to convey such a romantic yet realistic French way of life. I am new to the blog Please e-mail me at my Google account, sil vous plais!! I am just falling madly in love with your blog!!!!!!

French Lessons Paris | French for Expatriates in Paris

Jennifer, your book changed my life by giving me permission to treasure the small things and let go of the materialism and stressful fixations we're taught to embrace in American culture. It also reinforced my husband's daily grocery shopping style at specialty grocers, as a practical way to live that also allows us to enjoy our meals much more.

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Thank you from a willing American convert. Your thought about sharing your passion for life with your daughter touched my heart. I have a little girl as well who is full of this passion you write of. I've always been passionate and I enjoy watching how we share the same moments with each other. For example, when she is a was 16 months I was preparing orange slices for her.

She grabbed an orange peel and smelled it. They smell delicious. Now, each time we have an orange, we take time together to enjoy the scent of the peel. Post a Comment. And so we make our way to the end of the countdown. There is no doubt about it- while living in Paris the most important and profound thing I learned was to live a passionate life. The importance is, of course, doing what you are passionate about, but if you find yourself doing something mundane, still do it passionately. Passion infuses into almost every aspect of French life.

The French are available and ready in the present moment for all of the pleasures that life has to offer. They manage to get the biggest kicks out of the simplest things- a perfect slice of chocolate cake, a look across the room from a handsome stranger or a particularly well written verse of prose… They are intense individuals that jump in and really live their life- nothing is wasted.

Thrust into a strange and beautiful land… living with a formal family like something out of an old fashioned novel- those decadent meals, their beautiful apartment- that inspiring space. The people I met- Madame Bohemienne and her artistic friends- those passionate, wine fueled gatherings. Being in France I saw how many of these events effect France today.

There were French Resistance memorial markers on every street corner it seemed. I took a picture of every resistance marker I could find. That girl is Marianne, an allegorical figure of France dating back to the French Revolution. Knowing the history also helped me to realize why things are done the way they are in France.

Five lessons learned from living in Paris

The same goes for the United States, and every nation on earth. Moving abroad temporarily is complicated. I never experienced homesickness before, and never was expecting to miss France as much as I do. You really bond with whatever country you intern or study abroad it. You get to love what makes that country special, you recognize the country may have some flaws but still love that country. Someday you will return! Subscribe to our Newsletter Thank you for signing up!


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Lessons from an American Girl in Paris (Part Un)

At Millennials of New Jersey. At Oklahoma State. Arts Entertainment. European Tour: Germany by JordynL. I was raised as a princess, very much adored and very often spoiled. This attitude did not help solve my relationship problems, but even if have lost my first big love, I have found a piece of myself. I greet the staff in every shop. I smile at strangers. I eat at the same time each day. I shop on sales.

I drink a lot of water. I type my emails in French.

Lessons Learned: How to Live la Vie Parisienne

I look the person in the eyes when we raise our glasses. The past five years have seen me in very different places. I studied urbanism, worked in the pharmaceutical sector and at a market. I fell in and out of love. I moved in and out of a flat share. I have also gone through a lot of self-analysis and polar states of mind: from euphoric happiness to desperate depression.