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Carraher , Barbara M. Bringing Out the Algebraic Character of Arithmetic contributes to a growing body of research relevant to efforts to make algebra an integral part of early mathematics instruction, an area of studies that has come to be known as Early Algebra. It provides both a rationale for promoting algebraic…. By Jane M. This book reveals the development of students' understanding of statistical literacy.

It provides a way to "see" student thinking and gives readers a deeper sense of how students think about important statistical topics. Intended as a complement to curriculum documents and textbook series, it is…. By Danny Bernard Martin. No matter how mathematics achievement and persistence are measured, African Americans seem to lag behind their peers. This state of affairs is typically explained in terms of student ability, family background, differential treatment by teachers, and biased curricula. But what can explain….

Edited by Rina Zazkis , Stephen R. This book offers multiple interconnected perspectives on the largely untapped potential of elementary number theory for mathematics education: its formal and cognitive nature, its relation to arithmetic and algebra, its accessibility, its utility and intrinsic merits, to name just a few.

By Anne Watson , John Mason. This book explains and demonstrates the teaching strategy of asking learners to construct their own examples of mathematical objects. The authors show that the creation of examples can involve transforming and reorganizing knowledge and that, although this is usually done by authors and teachers,….

Romberg , Thomas P. Carpenter , Fae Dremock.

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The research reported in this book provides reliable evidence on and knowledge about mathematics and science instruction that emphasizes student understanding--instruction consistent with the needs of students who will be citizens in an increasingly demanding technological world. The National Center…. By Clea Fernandez , Makoto Yoshida.

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Lesson study is a popular professional development approach in Japan whereby teachers collaborate to study content, instruction, and how students solve problems and reach for understanding in order to improve elementary mathematics instruction and learning in the classroom. This book is the first…. Edited by Lyn D. Mathematical and Analogical Reasoning of Young Learners provides foundational knowledge of the nature, development, and assessment of mathematical and analogical reasoning in young children.

Reasoning is fundamental to understanding mathematics and is identified as one of the 10 key standards for…. By Sophia Cohen. This book illustrates the experiences of elementary school teachers across one year's time as they participated in a teacher development seminar focused on mathematics, and as a result changed their beliefs, their knowledge, and their practices. It explores these experiences as a means of…. Edited by Sharon L. Senk , Denisse R. The Curriculum and Evaluation Standards for School Mathematics published by the National Council of Teachers of Mathematics in set forth a broad vision of mathematical content and pedagogy for grades K in the United States.

These Standards prompted the development of Standards-based…. Edited by Douglas H. This book consists of conclusions drawn from the expertise shared at the Conference on Standards for Prekindergarten and Kindergarten Mathematics Education. It offers substantive detail regarding young students' understandings of mathematical ideas. Edited by Arthur J. Baroody , Ann Dowker. This volume focuses on two related questions that are central to both the psychology of mathematical thinking and learning and to the improvement of mathematics education: What is the nature of arithmetic expertise?

How can instruction best promote it? Contributors from a variety of specialities,…. By Jo Boaler.

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This revised edition is for sale in North America only. The first book to provide direct evidence for the effectiveness of traditional and….

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The emergence of the National Council of Teachers of Mathematics Standards in sparked a sea change in thinking about the nature and quality of mathematics instruction in U. Much is known about transmission forms of mathematics teaching and the influence of this teaching on students'…. Edited by Sandra K. Wilcox , Perry E. This casebook is intended to support professionals who are working in a variety of contexts to use classroom-based assessment more effectively to support teacher learning and teaching change, and to enhance the opportunities for all students to develop mathematical power.

It grows out of a…. Edited by Elizabeth Fennema , Thomas A. Mathematics Classrooms That Promote Understanding synthesizes the implications of research done by the National Center for Research in Mathematical Sciences on integrating two somewhat diverse bodies of scholarly inquiry: the study of teaching and the study of learning mathematics. This research…. By Stephen K. Research by cognitive psychologists and mathematics educators has often been compartmentalized by departmental boundaries. Word Problems integrates this research to show its relevance to the debate on the reform of mathematics education.

Beginning with the different knowledge structures that…. Edited by Richard Lehrer , Daniel Chazan. This volume reflects an appreciation of the interactive roles of subject matter, teacher, student, and technologies in designing classrooms that promote understanding of geometry and space. Although these elements of geometry education are mutually constituted, the book is organized to highlight,…. Edited by Susanne P. An issue in the current push for reform in mathematics education is the call to address statistics at the precollege level. This volume represents the emerging findings of an interdisciplinary collaboration among a group of mathematics educators, cognitive scientists, teachers, and statisticians to….

How we reason with mathematical ideas continues to be a fascinating and challenging topic of research--particularly with the rapid and diverse developments in the field of cognitive science that have taken place in recent years. Because it draws on multiple disciplines, including psychology,….

This book addresses the need of professional development leaders and policymakers for scholarly knowledge about influencing teachers to modify mathematical instruction to bring it more in alignment with the recommendations of the current reform movement initiated by the National Council of Teachers…. Edited by Robert J. Sternberg , Talia Ben-Zeev. Why do some children seem to learn mathematics easily and others slave away at it, learning it only with great effort and apparent pain?

Why are some people good at algebra but terrible at geometry? How can people who successfully run a business as adults have been failures at math in school? Edited by Paul Cobb , Heinrich Bauersfeld. This book grew out of a five-year collaboration between groups of American and German mathematics educators. The central issue addressed accounting for the messiness and complexity of mathematics learning and teaching as it occurs in classroom situations.

Find more information about Crossref citation counts. We investigate and discuss the math-chemistry link for a subpopulation of undergraduate learners present at every institution: students who have extremely limited experience with chemistry problem solving or have standardized test math scores in the lowest quartile for their incoming matriculating class.

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Our institutional experience has been that additional college-level coursework in mathematics, prior to enrollment in chemistry, does not improve student outcomes. In this case study, we created a matrix of problems. Each row of the matrix included three categories of problems: 1 symbolic math algebra problems that involved solving or simplifying an equation with variables such as x and y , 2 word problems using the same type of equation or systems of equations, but with domain-general, everyday terms, and 3 analogous problems using domain-specific chemistry terminology.

We explored precourse student responses on these items, final exam scores, and course grade outcomes collected over eight years in a first-semester introductory chemistry course. Research Current My main research platform is the area of mathematics identity. Areas of expertise Mathematics and statistics education. Selected publications and creative works Research Outputs Darragh, L. Blurred lines: producing the mathematics student through discourses of special educational needs in the context of reform mathematics in Chile.

Performing girl and good at mathematics: Scripts in young adult fiction. Chronaki Ed. Mathematics in life and times of crisis: Proceedings of the ninth international mathematics education in society conference, 1 , Volos, Greece: MES9. Fears and desires: Researching teachers in neoliberal contexts. Mathematics Education in life and times of crisis: Proceedings of the ninth international mathematics education and society conference, 1 , Volos, Greece.

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Identity research in mathematics education. Educational Studies in Mathematics, 93 1 , Estrella, M. Goizueta, C. Guerrero, A. Mena, J. Mena, E.