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Not like any book I've read. January 13, - Published on Amazon. Disclaimer: The author and I are vaguely related by marriage, although we have never met and live in different countries. I loved, loved, loved this book. It made me laugh out loud on many occasions. Jason and Alex are brave, foolhardy, lucky and determined. It's easy to read, and I loved the format of headed segments within the chapters.

The endless discussion of poo makes for hilarious reading. Look forward to the next saga. Go to Amazon. Discover the best of shopping and entertainment with Amazon Prime.

Get married or stay single? Live in the city or country? Dog or Cat? Science has the answers

Hunter had traded commodities for the likes of Chemical Bank and J. Morgan in New York City by the time he met Anne, who was working with troubled teens and homeless families.

Although Hunter was applying his knowledge of agricultural production, he was yearning for the farm life. The Holdings moved to the Bay Area in to escape the social stratification of New York and find a less rigidly organized community. In , when Hunter turned 40, Anne declared that she was ready to make a leap of faith into farm life. So they bought some Angus cows.

But they still lived in a house in Lafayette, so they kept the cows in Maxwell, a town north of the Bay Area far off of I They bought the Lafayette ranch with several existing structures in , and made a home for themselves and their children, Amanda and Kate. They bought more cows, as well as pigs, donkeys, ponies, sheep, goats, and chickens.

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To live on the ranch, Anne had to battle her allergies with medicine and what she calls "massive exposure. Although the Holdings still breed cows the original purpose of the farm and sell eggs, their ranch has become a more public than private endeavor. They realized the rural experience that has transformed their lives could do the same for kids and adults throughout the Bay Area—even if their exposure came in smaller doses.

Deer Hill is now a regular stop on the field-trip circuit for schoolkids from San Francisco to Concord. Participants on the high ropes wear belay harnesses to climb up poles and perform various tasks, sometimes 35 feet above the ground, with their peers helping them from below. On the other hand, it may be a bit of a pact with the devil; because if you are not careful you could compromise your privacy and hand over your personal data to goodness knows whom.

Privacy concerns aside, there may be other downsides to Facebook use. Recent studies have suggested that it may encourage narcissism , and it is associated with loneliness — although this is probably because lonely people are more likely to use Facebook. Ethan Kross at the University of Michigan has been studying the effect of Facebook use on subjective wellbeing in college students. Eighty per cent of the UK population live in towns and cities, yet the urban landscape accounts for just 6.

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Cities generally mean more noise, crime, aggression, and poorer air quality; but there are also more facilities, not just cinemas, galleries and nightclubs; but hospitals, medical specialists, and emergency services are more readily accessible. So how does city living stack up against the rural idyll in terms of health and happiness? It depends. If you compare elderly people living in urban Nottingham or rural Cambridgeshire, village-dwellers report eating a healthier diet, whereas urbanites spend more time walking. If you look at death rates, the biggest differences between town and country are for respiratory disease and lung cancer, with more city-dwellers succumbing.

But at least some of this is related to higher levels of social deprivation and smoking in cities.

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Accidental death, on the other hand, is more common in the countryside, possibly because there are more fatal road traffic accidents. According to data from the Office for National Statistics, if you ask people how happy they were yesterday, those living in the City of London, Corby and Wolverhampton will likely give the lowest scores, while residents of Eilean Siar in the Western Isles or Armagh in Northern Ireland will give the highest.

City of London residents also said they were the most anxious, while those living in rural Fermanagh in Northern Ireland reported the lowest anxiety levels. However, the differences between areas are pretty small and are likely dwarfed by factors such as health, relationship status or employment status.

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Depending on what you read, tucking into a juicy steak is either a death sentence or a delicious way to boost your iron levels. So should we follow? From an environmental perspective, avid meat consumption is bad news. Even Friends of the Earth believes meat consumption can be sustainable, but we need to eat less and cut out mass-produced options. Numerous studies have linked the consumption of red meat with bowel cancer and heart disease, though the precise degree of risk is up for debate. The EPIC results suggest not.

The debate over whether to pursue a policy of austerity, or spend our way out of debt, rages on at a national level, but what about our personal finances? Save those pennies for a rainy day, or splash out on the latest gadget that promises to boost your productivity or simply gives you pleasure?