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There he attempts to blend in. But society has become Big Brother meets political correctness. He fits in about as much as a dinosaur in the Michael Crighton thriller Jurassic Park. But that's OK in Marten's case. His tenacity gets him through. And his fighter's spirit keeps him alive. The super soldiers created to protect Earth actually begin to take it over and Marten is drafted to fight.

He picks the super soldiers who think humans as nothing but cannon fodder. Not good. But he stays alive. Loved this book. An interesting start to a series. Earth is under socialist rule. Vaughn makes out all socialists to be idiots.

THe biggest idiots are the party leaders. This seems to me a stereotype used in these types of books. Get over that and you have a good story brewing. The oppressed are sent to war against super humans made by humans but turned against their makers. Some who survive but are captured are offered the opportunity to join the super humans in their war. Basically slaves whichever way they l An interesting start to a series. Basically slaves whichever way they look. Now that the key characters are on the side of the "high born" we get a little revenge against the socialists.

Doctor Doom #1 Review: A Villain and Comic Book in Search of a Purpose

But our hero realizes this isn't freedom and sets things up for the second book. I'm hoping this develops more into military sci-fi and not political if that is possible. At least keep the party leader character's stupidity out of the story to keep it realistic. Aug 14, Richard rated it really liked it Shelves: sci-fi , e-book. Bleak, dark, intense, grim, brutal, hopelessness, gloomy, suffocating As bleak as Star Soldier Doom Star 1 is, I enjoyed reading this sci-fi novel and the way the story unfolded.

Earth in the future is a planet ruled with an iron fist by the Social Unity, similar to or Nazi Germany, lots of paranoia. Due to overcrowding on the surface, most people are forced to live in underground cities. Planets within the Bleak, dark, intense, grim, brutal, hopelessness, gloomy, suffocating Planets within the solar system has been conquered and colonized and there is an enemy determined to conquer Earth as any cost. Looking forward to the rest of the Doom Star series. The one minor issue I had was the amount of typos, which was disappointing. Jan 22, Robert Largent rated it liked it.

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I read the first book off of the Kindle Lenders Library for free. The concept is valid, the story is ok, not a lot of closure in character story lines.

As soon as a character becomes interesting it dies or disappears from the story. One character is introduce then poof, never mentioned again. Maybe they reappear elsewhere? The worst thing about this book is the editing. When you have to read a paragraph three times and then still end up guessing what the author intended to say, it is not edited I read the first book off of the Kindle Lenders Library for free.

When you have to read a paragraph three times and then still end up guessing what the author intended to say, it is not edited well.

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If you need a free editor, send me your writing, I will edit it for you. It won't be Shakespearean prose, but it will be understandable.. Apr 28, Campbell, c rated it it was amazing.

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Will earth survive? Third set of books by this author. Slowly I get to figuring out where he is going but once established I can put it down. Have gotten used to audio books so instead of being lazy I. An work and listen.

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Young man and his family have hidden out and fought controlling factions until the loss of his parents. He changes his actions to protect himself and find way to continue course of destruction of ruling class. Then he goes on to face the Doom Star. Downloading next book now. Goo Will earth survive? Good reading to you.

Dec 09, Doc rated it liked it Shelves: science-fiction-fantasy. I have very mixed feelings about this whole series. The author is clearly not polished. Much of the writing is quite good, then I'll come across an incorrect word usage verses vs. Which leads me to believe that these are self-edited and self-published. The overall plot is interesting, although it has some holes. And that said, I have very mixed feelings about this whole series. And that said, I've read the first few books in the series because I wanted to see how it all comes out.

Jan 23, Arjen Schwarz rated it it was ok.

The first part of a series, but it didn't convince me enough to read the other books. The background for the story was a bit over the top in how it was set up. It also didn't really try to explain the inconsistencies inherent in the various governments, or how they came to be. That I could deal with, but the story simply didn't work for me either. There was no connection with the protagonist that could draw you into the story.

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Feb 11, Eve Mcfadden rated it it was amazing Shelves: sf. There are a lot of plots, but they all mesh and Heppner keeps them all from getting tangled. There are interesting themes about politics, freedom, security and the dangers of science, and what makes one human. One roots for Marten Kluge, the hero, but also for various other characters, such as Osadar Di, a woman who's in the wrong place at the wrong time once too often.

Bloody Disgusting!

May 08, Francis J Mallalieu rated it it was amazing. Viciousness, misery and desperation. The story of a man's journey from an orbital station around Mercury to the depths of an underground mine, then to the slaughterhouse of a war's front lines. Compelling and well written.