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You will need to hold down all four keys simultaneously for one to two seconds. Your Mac will load the Activity Monitor tool, which lists all of the active processes on your computer.

A drop-down menu will appear. Andrew Tennyson has been writing about culture, technology, health and a variety of other subjects since Skip to main content.

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Keyboard Shortcut 1. Industrial thermoregulation Timers Light dependent relays Time switches Electronic staircase timers Dimmers Movement detectors Step relays Modular contactors. Home at last!

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Product news Technical Information Catalogs Cross reference. Sales support Technical support Data Protection. The current leader of the family is Uncle Shadrack , and his word is the law. Like all gypsies, she refers to others of her clan as uncle, cousin, etc.

Willa was wrongly engaged to her "cousin" and best friend Timo. Willa's "cousin", meaning he is also part of the Romani gypsy clan.

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They are engaged per Uncle Shadrack 's order and Willa loves Timo, but he is in love with another girl. They are best friend's and each others confidant. Willa dispises her gypsy family leader for engaging her to Timo against both their wishes.

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Leo is very concerned for Willa, trying to keep her on the right side of the law, but also covering for little missteps and singing her praise whenever Willa's probation officer comes around. It is suspected that Willa reminds him of his late daughter Ellie. She's Willa's strict probation officer. They are usually at each other's throats, but after they spend time on a case together in Eye of the Storm , they also acquire a certain respect for each other's skills and personalities.

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for Mac users who demand more from their Finder