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Destined by Morgan Rice. Morgan Rice, ISBN Destined is the fourth book in The Vampire Journals series. Caitlin finds herself alone in the northern state of Umbria. This perplexes her as she was expecting to land with Caleb, who is nowhere to be found. Caleb is in this time, but, as will be seen, is not the same man she knew. Kyle and Sam have both found their own ways back to this time in Italy. Each has their own agenda. I was a little uncertain of this book, because going back in time felt a little weird at first, but I must say it became a very rousing story, and serves as an excellent if bittersweet adventure.

This book is recommended for those who like a paranormal romance, or good historical fiction, or even an action packed adventure. Contains: Violence, gore, profanities. Reviewed by: Benjamin Franz. Of course, his major crush, Meredith, seems to prefer his best friend, Henry. Life serves insult to injury.

When their teacher, Mr.

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Who is this guy? Can he possibly know what Vlad really is? This element twists and complicates the plot of Eighth Grade Bites and turns it into a much larger work, capable of supporting its several sequels. Heather Brewer writes in a brisk, natural diction, relying on her realistic, understated characters to ensnare readers.

Her humor lightens the mood of some very dark circumstances, even through the considerable suspense she creates. Lessons about bullying, loss, independence, and the larger forces working to squash the individual are well-stated and make the Vlad Chronicles great reading for all ages. Highly recommended for all collections, ages 4 th grade and up. Contains: mild violence, understated vampire attacks.

This one is a little bleaker and a bit more tragic, as we start into the really serious and down part of the story. After she was nearly killed by the sword, Caitlin Paine has been turned into a full vampire by Caleb. Meanwhile Kyle, who now possesses the sword, unleashes his revenge against his coven and starts a great battle in the city of New York, spreading the bubonic plague across the island of Manhattan. Caleb, for his part, must find a way to battle Kyle before he becomes too powerful and eradicates the good vampires from their castle in the Cloisters of Washington Heights.

On Pollepell Island, Caitlin trains as a warrior as she considers her feelings towards Caleb. She must decide what to do about this war, as she is the chosen one.

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I found this volume a bit different in tone than the first two. This one feels a bit more high stakes and serious.

Whereas the first two volumes had more a cracking open mysteries and adventuring feel to them, Betrayed focuses on the here and now: the battle for Manhattan and all of New York City. I would not recommend trying to pick up this book first, though: too much has already happened. Highly recommended for fans of vampire novels, particularly traditional vampire novels. Loved by Morgan Rice. Available: Paperback and Kindle ebook. Loved is the second installment in T he Vampire Journals series, and explores the further adventures of Caitlin Paine, and her new vampire friend Caleb.

As was discovered in the first book Turned , Caitlin is a half-breed: her father a vampire, her mother a human. She possesses vampiric strength and thirst, but has yet to learn any other things about herself as a half-breed.

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Currently, she and Caleb are out looking for the sword, a Turkish weapon which can kill vampires. However, Caitlin and Caleb must first unwind riddles of her heritage, including an actual riddle concerning a rose and a thorn. They also are not the only ones looking for this sword.

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Kyle, the evil vampire who nearly killed Caitlin the last time around, has taken a boy that Caitlin accidentally turned into a vampire to hunt her and the sword. The first book, Turned was quite good. Loved is actually a stronger book. Although described as paranormal romance, I found it equal parts romance and action. The action is intense and gripping, much like in any of the Blade films. Caitlin is a kick-ass heroine, and her story reads very well. Turned by Morgan Rice. Morgan Rice Books, Turned tells the story of Caitlin Paine, and is the first book in the Vampire Journals series.

Caitlin, an 18 year old from a broken home, has been relocated many times over her short life, and now finds herself in the neighborhoods of Harlem and Bronx in New York City. Without giving too much away, Caitlin has vampiric powers that show up at times of great stress — for instance, when she is about to be beaten to death by a gang — but whenever her powers turn on she immediately needs to refuel, and the only food that works is human blood. We meet and hang with Caitlin on the worst and yet most incredible day of her life, as she meets all sorts of vampires, learns how to feed, and starts to understand her place in the world.

To tell any more of this story would ruin a fast-paced, well-written, action-packed horror novel which really blew me away. This is very promising stuff. This book is highly recommended, particularly if you like fantasy-horror, Hellboy adventures, and anything with a kick-ass girl as the protagonist. Contains: profanity, violence, gruesome imagery. Gil's All Fright Diner by A. Lee Martinez. Tom Doherty Associates, Rockwood is no ordinary Western podunk town. She fights off zombies, ignores the ghosts in the nearby cemetery, and will clean that persistent blood puddle from the carpet one more time.

A vampire and a werewolf, especially down-home handy ones, are great to have around. Something big is about to go down, and the paranormal happenings are revving up. Tammy, a teenage necromancer, is busy ripping open a gaping hole in the fabric of space so the old gods can emerge, destroy the world in a bloody Armageddon, and make her an evil goddess. No wonder the place is so weird. The anti-heroes, Earl and Duke, are lonely, understated, regular guys. Duke is a hairy gentle giant with a smooth way with animals, and Earl is the weakest, least attractive vampire ever written. Together, with their fearless spectral terrier, Napoleon, the three misfits manage to save the world.

I laughed out loud throughout the novel. Martinez has a sharp, sarcastic wit and a great talent for dark comedy.

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  • Gore and sexual content are frequent but mild, though Tammy and her minion boyfriend, Chad, have a few racy encounters. Martinez never seriously threatens us with loss of our favorite characters, assuring the reader constantly of body part regeneration, and wielding comic relief even during the darkest moments.

    The story is creative and brisk, making this a great choice for multi-age light reading. Unfortunately, Martinez uses profanity abundantly, creating a dilemma for recommending the novel for everyone. Without this careless misuse of vocabulary, Gil's would serve a broader audience. Recommended for YA collections in public libraries.

    Contains: profanity, mild sexual content, comic violence. The Parliament of Blood by Justin Richards.

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    Bloomsbury, Victorian London Darker still, an influential, exclusive society known as the Damnation Club meets in ancient caverns deep underneath Westminster. Membership requires an invitation… and the loss of your mortal soul. The head of the order is a mysterious, skeletal, coachman who collects orphaned boys to serve as undead minions; his followers are Vampire. They await the awakening of their all-powerful master, one who will bring them out of the darkness to rule over humanity. His dear friend, the lovely Liz, and his spirited young charge, Eddie, become entangled in the gruesome mystery as their friends and associates succumb to the club and become blood-drinking immortals.

    The Maggie B.

    He sustains palpable suspense throughout, and manages to scare the reader just enough to make it fun. Best of all, his characters are masterfully developed, investing the reader completely in his story. He creates just the right amount of sympathy for those who are lost, but leaves our heroes intact. Eddie is an Artful Dodger figure whose confidence and spunk make him a fearless and attractive hero; he plays well against the steady, mild-mannered George.

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    Contains: nothing overtly objectionable. Strange Angels by Lili St. Crow pseudonym for Lilith Saintcrow. Razorbill, Available New and Used.