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The horrific folklore of fairies, lilitu, and kindred horrors from an anthropological and psychological perspective. Schechter, Harold. The Serial Killer Files Ballantine, Deftly combining ghoulishness and scholarship, this is probably the best current one-stop reference work. Skal, David J.

The Monster Show W. Norton, Social history and criticism of horror films. Stanley, John. Creature Features Berkley Boulevard, Subtitled "The science fiction, fantasy, and horror movie guide," it has close to 4, entries! Stanley, who used to host a Bay Area late-night movie show, provides useful critiques of all the films.

No horror buff's library should be without it. Taylor, Troy.

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Ghost Hunter's Guidebook Whitechapel Productions, Updated edition of the best book on the topic. There's so much good horror fiction out there that any list must perforce be arbitrary. The problem metastasizes further when one considers that even mediocre horror fiction often makes a great model for horror gaming — if only by spawning ideas of the "Well, if I were writing this.

That said, the material below is for the most part good stuff, somewhat culled for gameability or game inspiration. Of course, some of it is there simply because it will scare you out of a year's growth. Barker, Clive. Books of Blood and Books of Blood Everything Barker writes is worth reading. Barron, Laird. Superb recapitulation of the horror tradition; a contemporary classic. Bear, Greg. Blood Music Arbor House, Intelligent viruses transform living things from within; non- supernatural horror at its most terrifying.

Bellairs, John. Bierce, Ambrose. Can Such Things Be? Cassell, Bleak, savagely ironic short horror fiction. Blackwood, Algernon. These short stories provide an education in building and using narrative atmosphere. John Silence: Physician Extraordinary Eveleigh Nash, collects the adventures of his "occult detective. Blaylock, James P.

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Homunculus Ace, Necromantic shenanigans in Victorian London, featuring morbid humor and memorable characters. Blish, James. Black Easter Doubleday, The definitive novel of demons and black magic in the modern world.

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The main character is an amoral black magician who is truly neither good nor evil — a terrific NPC. Bradbury, Ray. Two collections and a novel; Bradbury's small-town personal horrors prefigure Stephen King, but his lyrical prose is all his own.

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Brite, Poppy Z. Lost Souls Delacorte Abyss, Vampires, the Southern Gothic, and sexuality have been Brite trademarks ever since this assured first novel.

Brooks, Max. World War Z Crown, Thriller-style "oral history" of the zombie apocalypse and what comes after. Campbell, Ramsey. The Darkest Part of the Woods Tor, Masterpiece of mood combining psychological and cosmic horror. Campbell has written many other excellent horror novels, and his short-story collection Alone with the Horrors Arkham House, is definitive.

His Cthulhu Mythos stories have a grimy, urban feel to them; they are collected in Cold Print Tor, Chambers, Robert W. The King in Yellow Neely, Required reading for steampunk Gothics; a major influence on Lovecraft. Collins, Nancy A. Postmodern vampires and other horrors haunt a surreal night world tailor-made for roleplaying. Danielewski, Mark Z. House of Leaves Pantheon, Postmodern constructed-reality novel disguised as haunted house, or vice versa.

Dean, Pamela. Tam Lin Tor, Excellent atmospheric horror-fantasy novel set on a small college campus in the s, and centering on ghosts, faerie, and the power of the stage. Drake, David. From the Heart of Darkness Tor, Feist, Raymond E.

Faerie Tale Doubleday, Splendidly evoked evil faeries in upstate New York. Finney, Jack. The Body Snatchers Dell, Inspired the classic movie; an excellent exercise in literary paranoia in its own right. Fraser, Phyllis and Wise, Herbert A.

Will Sutton and the Vampire's Lair: The Supernatural Adventures of Will Sutton

Landmark horror anthology containing 52 undisputed classic tales. Gaiman, Neil. The Graveyard Book HarperCollins, An updating of Kipling's Jungle Book , with ghosts instead of panthers and bears. You know, for kids. Goldstein, Lisa. A powerful, quiet story of Jewish magic in Nazi-occupied Europe. Goldstein mixes ancient magic and modern horror into a truly moving book.

A versatile author, in Dark Cities Underground Tor, , she presents the secret-magical horror of subway construction. Gran, Sara. Come Closer Soho, A novel of unease, suspense, and maybe possession. Hambly, Barbara. A very gameable Edwardian vampire murder mystery. The sequel is Traveling with the Dead Del Rey, Hammett, Dashiell editor.